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Criteria for Homeless Coalition – Emergency Shelter

  • Individuals may enter who have not consumed alcohol or drugs on the day they are seeking shelter
  • Ask individuals to identify themselves and provide date of birth (check ID if available)
  • Ask the individual if they have medications; all prescribed medications should be turned into shelter staff
  • Weapons such as guns, knives, razors, tasers, lasers, pepper spray, and mace are not allowed in the shelter (examples shown above, but not limited to those stated)
  • Violence and/or unwanted physical contact will not be allowed
  • Inappropriate/verbally abusive language will not be allowed
  • Individuals may not return once they leave the shelter
  • Individuals must remain in designated locations of the shelter: Enter through back door and go to 2ndfloor.Stay in designated men’s and women’s shelter rooms on 2ndfloor. The rest of the building is off limits. Hours are from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Individuals may be brought by police at a later time.
  • Individuals must abide by shelter rules: no smoking (smoke before you arrive.(If you leave to smoke, you will not be allowed to return.), no gambling, etc.
  • Individuals must abide by times of operation of the building: entering after activities, leaving before morning activities, particularly daycare.

At the discretion of the shelter, individuals who do not follow the above guidelines may be given a warning. If the individual continues to not comply with the guidelines, they can be barred from the shelter.

I/We understand that HC of FA may only pay for one overnight stay at a hotel, as there are additional qualifications/criteria expected of recipient(s) beyond the initial night. Before additional nights of shelter will be considered, I will meet with the Director, Social Work intern, or representative of HC of FA to determine eligibility and complete additional paperwork. Additional nights of assistance will not be provided if this meeting does not occur, if obligations are not met, or criteria is not agreed to.


  • The responsibility to respect the rights of others to feel safe
  • The responsibility to respect the cultural backgrounds and privacy of others
  • The responsibility to follow schedules and rules of the shelter and its programs
  • The responsibility to inform staff if you feel that any staff member has breached the code of ethics, confidentiality or has treated you unfairly.

Fort Atkinson’s Emergency Shelter

Fort Atkinson’s Emergency Shelter Is open when it is below 15 degrees Fahrenheit or during Violent/Inclement storms.

The shelter is open from 10:00PM to 6:00AM.

  • No alcohol use
  • No drug use
  • No smoking
  • Once you leave, you may not return
  • No weapons, violence, or verbal abuse language
  • Must stay in designated locations
  • Medications must be locked up
  • Emergency contact sheets need to be filled out
  • Cots, sheets, blankets provided

Contact the police station to register at (920) 563-7777 by 6:00 PM