Over 30 families have been identified as homeless
within our community.

Every week there are 2-5 calls seeking help.
The homeless are doubling up, and living anywhere they don't call home.

About Us

We help the homeless and those on the verge of homelessness(transitional), in the environs of the School District of Fort Atkinson. HC of FA as an entity is comprised of a Board of Directors, elected officers, and citizens of Fort Atkinson. Our Board of Directors is made up of representatives from ecumenical and interfaith organizations, businesses, charitable organizations, and individuals concerned with the welfare of the homeless. Our officers are elected from this group. We hope to employ a part-time (.5FTE) person to manage the day to day activities and to coordinate the support from our various organizations. We hope to collaborate with UW-Whitewater's graduate programs in Social Work and Business Non-Profit school to receive interns, as well as much needed guidance towards research-based best practices.


Our volunteer base is large and filled with citizens interested in helping out those in need. Training will be provided, and required, for volunteers through partnerships and collaboration with Whitewater’s Bethel House, the former Jefferson County Family promise organization, United Way of Jefferson County, the Community Action Coalition, and Jefferson County human Services.

Temporary Housing

Our activities will occur within the boundaries of the School District of Fort Atkinson, principally within the city of Fort Atkinson. The activities are year round, as need develops. When we have a house, it may be as a Community based Residential Facility (CBRF) or a shelter. It will be supervised year round, as needed. The Homeless Coalition shall be solely devoted (100%) to our mission. Our volunteers will be trained to supervise individuals and families in need of housing or transitional care, as well as trauma centered resources, particularly to whom and when to refer individuals. Activities in support may include fundraising, providing assistance, staffing, meeting, public relations, facilities management and supervision, case management and assistance of clients, and administration.


The HC of FA shall be funded by structurally sustained support from our twelve participating partners: churches, businesses, charitable organizations, and individuals. Other funding sources shall be derived from donations, grants, and fundraisers. Some funding will come from collected rents from clients, some of this funding source may be rebated or returned to clients when they establish their own housing, In other words, seed money to help transition them from our homes to their own. Our goal is help those in need to not need us.

Our goal is help those in need to not need us.